LK Oilfield Products

L/K Oil Field Products Inc., was incorporated in 1984 in Houston, Texas. L/K Oil Field Products received its ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2002. We also have a $2 million product liability insurance on all parts.

L/K Oil Field Products offers a wide variety of drilling products to customers both in the United States and worldwide. The line of products offered by L/K Oil Field Products include: Machined Products Group, Rubber Products Group and Finished Products Group which are described in the enclosed brochure and line sheets.

L/K Oil Field Products manufactures all the items in our inventory allowing us to offer most competitive prices and insuring timely delivery to our customers. We strive to conform to industry standards and always meet customer requirements and expectations.

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Disclaimer: Products depicted on this web-site are manufactured by L / K Oil Field Products, Inc. and not the original equipment manufacturer. L / K Oil Field is in no way affiliated with the original equipment manufacturers referenced there in. The names Cameron, TIW, Hydril, and Shaffer are registered trademarks of the respected firms.