About LK Oilfield Drilling Industry Equipment in Houston, TX

L/K Oil Field Products, Inc. was established in August of 1984.  David Jordan is the sole owner of the company and has been very successful since that time.  

We own all of the molds our products are poured out of, and all of our molds are placed here in the State of Texas.  Our parts are manufactured and then sold both domestically and internationally.

The parts we manufacture  include Packing Elements and Seal Kits for both the GK and Spherical type Annular.  We also manufacture the Top Seals, Ram Packers and Soft/Hard Goods Kits for the Type U, Type LWS and TYPE SL BOP’s as well as the Ram Packers and Top Seals for the 13-5/8″ VBR’s.

We also provide the Bladders and all of the replacement parts in the kits for the K20, K10, PD55, PD55A and PD45.  We can use a Buna or a Hydrogenated type rubber compound for each Bladder.

We continue to provide quality rubber products for the Drilling Industry Worldwide.